Friday, 26 February 2010

Grinding halt

Stopped short. Everything's coming to a grinding halt.

So far this week, I've done absolutely no training whatsoever. After the highs of last week, the contrast couldn't be greater. In fact, I've had almost no exercise at all, which is criminal really.

And my excuse? The weather. It's been dismal from Sunday onwards, which meant my high-minded ideas of getting out and about more often have been derailed. Back to the turbo trainer, then? Well, no. I did managed to change the tyre back with less difficulty than the first time I tried, but the wheel still sits forlornly in the hall with no bike attached.

What concerns me is that I haven't even bothered to even put the wheel back on. This is slacking right out of the top drawer. In my defence, I did go out on Wednesday night to sample a bottle of 32% stout. The best I can say about it, though, was that it wasn't as undrinkable as I imagined it would be.

On a brighter note, I have lost a little more weight, tipping the scales at just under 12 stone (76 kilos) earlier this week and keeping it off until this morning, when I was back to 12 stone on the dot.

I've also managed to set up my Justgiving site and have already raised the princely sum of £75. If you fancy throwing some pennies my way, you can do so at You have a choice of donating to the Macmillan Cancer Care charity via that site or clicking on the link therein and putting some cash the way of Coral Cay Conservation, who unfortunately don't have a Justgiving account.

As punishment for this week's shirking, I'm going to be giving myself a hard time on the turbo for the whole of next week. It's the least I feel I can do.

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